15kW Screw Air Compressor for Sale

When you are in need of a reliable source of air, look no further than the 15kW Screw Air Compressor. With a 270L tank and FAD of 76.5 cfm at 10 bar, this screw compressor provides the perfect solution. This compressor is available in full feature, meaning that there is an integrated dryer.

The 15kW Screw Compressor is The Perfect Solution for A Variety of Applications

Our 15kW Screw Air Compressor is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions in a wide variety of applications. This oil-injected screw compressor provides an efficient and reliable source of compressed air. Minimal total investment cost can be guaranteed with our 15kW Screw Compressors.

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The 15kW Screw Air Compressor is part of our Atlas Copco G range, providing the right screw compressor to suit any business’s needs. To find out more about the 15kW Screw Air Compressor, or other screw compressors in the G range, check out our Atlas Copco online shop. You can search through a variety of compressors and buy at your convenience. Our website has more details about our G series and other similar compressors.


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