3hp Premium Industrial Piston Air Compressor for Sale

When you are in need of a reliable source of air, our 3hp Premium Industrial Piston Air Compressor provides the perfect companion. This premium piston compressor is suitable for industrial applications where large amounts of air are required. With a capacity FAD of 240 l/s at 7 bar, and 90L vessel, this compressor is a highly efficient solution.

3hp Premium Industrial Piston Air Compressor

The Premium 3hp Industrial Piston Air Compressor is part of our LE direct drive oil-lubricated range suitable for industrial applications. This premium machine is a cut above the average piston compressor and helps get the job done. The high performance of this compressor generates quality air at the lowest operating temperatures.

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Quality Materials in the 3hp Premium Industrial Piston Compressor

Quality materials are used in the 3hp Premium Industrial Piston Air Compressors unique design to extend product life. A start-stop system and highly durable components improve performance resulting in low running costs. Visit our Atlas Copco webshop to find out more about this machine, and others in the Automan range. To discover more about the LE range check out our website.

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